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[AMENDED]   The Timetable

[AMENDED]   Heritage Timetable (May 1956)

Latest available Timetable information and 'Stop Press'   [Updated 19 May 2019]

[AMENDED]   Quail China Railway Atlas

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[NEW]   I have not been able to update my website for a while, but normal service is now resumed!

The eleventh edition of the Full Timetable was duly published on 13 March 2019, however in interim form pending final checking.  This checking has now been completed (although the pdf bookmarking is still outstanding) and the timetable is now available for download - see The Timetable for more information.

I have also made the Heritage Timetable a free download - see Heritage Timetable (May 1956) for more information.

General Information

I have finally given up on any commercial pretentions for the timetable!

The Eleventh - March 2019 edition of the Full Timetable is now freely available for non-commercial purposes in pdf form as a link from my website.  

I hope that by making the timetable freely available more people will be able to recognise the value of it and may be inclined to make a donation to support the effort that has gone into it.  

Please see The Timetable for further information and to obtain copies.

I have copies of the Quail China Railway Atlas available for sale.  For price and ordering information please see Quail China Railway Atlas.

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